We are glad to inform that the following third-party plugins have been installed at UMMoodle in August:

  • Turnitin’s Moodle Direct v2:
    This module is an upgrade version of the previous Turnitin plugin, with new features of PeerMark, Drag and drop submissions, etc. The previous version of Turnitin plugin is to be phased out at the end of this semester, please use “Turnitin Assignment 2” and kindly see “Turnitin Moodle Update” for more information.
  • Zoom meeting:
    Zoom is a Cloud-Based Web Conferencing Service that is available for use by all UM staffs and students. The services are designed to assist UM members in the development, organization, and delivery of quality meetings, presentations, interviews, etc. To get your UM Zoom account, visit the ICTO Account Information Page at https://account.icto.umac.mo, read and agree to the terms.

Information and Communication Technology Office

Aug 31 2016|